The Arizona Republic

The 'South Mountain Freeway' would build a 22-mile freeway extension between Laveen and Chandler. The route's proximity to sacred tribal land has prompted a lawsuit, even after years of planning.
Jul 4, 2015   The Arizona Republic
<p>Downtown Phoenix prepares for a facelift with a new form-based code and downtown master plan.</p>
Jul 3, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Bicycle commuting is on the rise in metropolitan Phoenix, where bike shops are reporting increasing sales of commuter bikes.</p>
Jun 4, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>The Navajo Nation has announced plans to build wind turbines and generate electricity in the windy high mesas of Northern Arizona.</p>
Mar 31, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Phoenix's public art program is widely touted as one of the best in the country. But a proposed floating sculpture has elicited criticism from an otherwise uninvolved public, mainly due to the fact that the city is facing a large budget deficit.</p>
Mar 18, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Officials in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler are rallying behind proposals to increase density in the city, arguing that the urban shift will make the city more vibrant.</p>
Mar 6, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Legislators in Arizona are considering plans to convert some of the state's highways to toll roads in an effort to boost the state's transportation budget.</p>
Feb 22, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>Lake Mead -- a major water source for the western United States -- could go dry by 2021, according to a new report.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>The Tucson-Phoenix region needs to start thinking about the long-term transit solution of high-speed rail, according to this op-ed.</p>
Jan 10, 2008   The Arizona Republic
<p>The seven western states dependent on the Colorado River for their water are on the verge of coming to an agreement on a management plan to ensure a steady supply of water from the increasingly stressed source. But some say the plan won't do enough.</p>
Dec 10, 2007   The Arizona Republic
<p>In sun-drenched Arizona, researchers are working on developing new types of pavement that can counter the warming effect of urban heat islands.</p>
Aug 5, 2007   The Arizona Republic