El Paso Times

The El Paso City Council approved a $100 million SmartCode development.
Dec 3, 2014   El Paso Times
The border city of Juarez, Mexico, has been a flashpoint in the drug-fueled violence that has plagued many parts of Mexico. Recent figures show that nearly 25% of the homes there have been abandoned.
May 26, 2011   El Paso Times
El Paso officials are working with consultants on envisioning a new master plan for the city, which could include turning an underused rail yards into a major park a la Millennium Park in Chicago.
Feb 28, 2011   El Paso Times
The city of El Paso is hoping a new plan will breathe life back into formerly booming streets sucked dry after a freeway replaced them as the main entrance to town.
Jan 3, 2011   El Paso Times
Citing a recent study that demonstrates higher home values in walkable neighborhoods, officials in El Paso say it's time to change the way their city grows.
Oct 14, 2009   El Paso Times
The city of El Paso, Texas, considers whether to become the latest of several cities to impose new restrictions on billboards that amounts to a ban on future construction.
Jul 22, 2009   El Paso Times
<p>Officials in El Paso, Texas have been working with state and federal officials on a plan to bring rapid transit to the city within three years.</p>
Apr 15, 2008   El Paso Times
<p>The feelings of city council candidates about a downtown revitalization plan appears to have the most sway over voters in El Paso, Texas, who are making large contirbutions to those opposing the plan.</p>
Apr 15, 2007   El Paso Times
<p>A new report ranks 72 U.S. cities on their environmental quality, including such common indicators as pollution and drinking water quality, but also social aspects like public health, poverty, and quality of life. On top of the list: Fargo, ND.</p>
Feb 24, 2007   El Paso Times
With unprecedented growth expected at Fort Bliss El Paso, Texas, is expected to grow by 50,000 - 60,000 people in the next six years.
Jan 4, 2006   El Paso Times