The Boise Weekly

Tax watchdogs in Idaho are challenging the state's redevelopment agencies, and opened up the question: are they city departments, or not? And if they are, shouldn't their decisions follow the will of the voters?
Aug 28, 2008   The Boise Weekly
Boise considers resurrecting their streetcar system after an 80 year absence.
Aug 15, 2008   The Boise Weekly
<p>A new transportation corridor prompts the coordination of transportation and land use planning efforts in Boise.</p>
Feb 9, 2008   The Boise Weekly
<p>City officials in Boise, Idaho, are considering a liquidation of properties the city owns and operates as affordable housing. The costs of keeping the housing available is becoming unaffordable for the city.</p>
Oct 18, 2007   The Boise Weekly
<p>The Treasure Valley metro area, centered around Boise, Idaho, is the latest region to explore the ideal of rail transit, with officials looking to Salt Lake City as a model.</p>
Jul 26, 2007   The Boise Weekly
<p>Home to Chinese immigrants before becoming a town known for vice and sin, Garden City, Idaho, is planning a rebirth that leaders and residents hope will transform the community into a desirable and prosperous part of Metro Boise.</p>
Jul 23, 2007   The Boise Weekly
Boise's proposal for commuter light-rail chugs along.
Sep 2, 2006   The Boise Weekly
Planners are spooked by a Measure 37 look-a-like bill that spills over into Idaho.
Aug 12, 2006   The Boise Weekly
The population is increasing, but Boise's bus system has been on the same route map for more than 10 years. Some public officials want to update routes and increase transit options, but others translate low ridership into no demand.
Jun 14, 2006   The Boise Weekly
Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne decides to use a budget surplus on expanding the state park system, when many expected more educational funding.
Jan 14, 2006   The Boise Weekly
A large development may be constructed near Boise in the wake of arguments between city and county planning officials.
Dec 31, 2005   The Boise Weekly