Sustainable Industries

Seeing an unfilled niche in the housing marketplace, developers in suburban Seattle are trying to build a communal housing development.
Mar 30, 2011   Sustainable Industries
Seattle has the political momentum behind sustainable urbanism, but it doesn't seem to have a physical neighborhood example of how sustainable urbanism can work, according to this article.
Jan 30, 2011   Sustainable Industries
Officials in Oakland, CA are pioneering a new method of measuring the health impact of development, going beyond EIRs to get a more fully-fleshed assessment.
Nov 2, 2009   Sustainable Industries
American shopping malls may be dying or already dead, but they are being reincarnated as mixed-use "lifestyle centers".
Mar 8, 2009   Sustainable Industries
<p>Stadium design and renovation creates the opportunity for massive energy savings from these large complexes, but not many of the most energy-efficient designs have moved past the drawing board. But some projects are taking incremental steps.</p>
Oct 26, 2007   Sustainable Industries
<p>As brownfield redevelopment escapes from its "avoid-at-all-costs" stigma, <em>Sustainable Industries</em> offers a look at five common remediation and redevelopment projects for the country's brownfields.</p>
Oct 25, 2007   Sustainable Industries
<p>This article looks at how the once unimaginable concept of paying for road use is gaining ground amongst politicians.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   Sustainable Industries
Just in time for the transit strike, we learn that Big Apple taxis will be cleaner and more energy efficient -- and the SUVs should be able to handle the increased passenger loads as well.
Dec 22, 2005   Sustainable Industries