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Faced with seven CEQA lawsuits from rail opponents threatening to delay the high-speed rail project, the California High-Speed Rail Authority sought preemption of the California environmental law. The Surface Transportation Board agreed.
8 hours ago   The Fresno Bee
The approval of a massive shopping center in Fresno, California, highlights the city's inability to move beyond its sprawl-centric tendencies, according to this piece from <em>The Fresno Bee</em>.
Dec 22, 2010   The Fresno Bee
In a unanimous vote on Oct. 21, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District approved another 'first' air quality measure not done elsewhere: They supported charging Valley motorists for paying the $29 million ozone penalty set by the E.P.A.
Oct 24, 2010   The Fresno Bee
A Fresno, CA architect has designed and built a number of tiny buildings made out of recycled materials as homes for the homeless, but has yet to find a site that will take them.
May 19, 2010   The Fresno Bee
Regional planning in CA's sprawling Central Valley has turned to the huge challenge of increasing density. Fortunately, SB 375 will facilitate planners' efforts to double Fresno County density to 8 units per acre. Yet institutional obstacles remain.
Jan 7, 2010   The Fresno Bee
Five years ago, the Central Valley became the first area of California to ban indoor wood burning when an 'alert' was called by the air district; other air districts followed in 2008. This study, released in Nov. shows that "no burn" days save lives.
Dec 31, 2008   The Fresno Bee
<p>California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has pledged his support for high speed rail in the state, and has called on legislators to draft a comprehensive plan to fund the project.</p>
May 8, 2007   The Fresno Bee
<p>Resurrection of a 1959 plan to construct a freeway along the Sierra Nevada foothills in California's Central Valley is in the works.</p>
Mar 20, 2007   The Fresno Bee
<p>In an unusual twist in California's sprawling Central Valley, environmental and public health advocates have joined forces with the local air quality district - an agency they have sued in the past for not doing enough to clean the air.</p>
Nov 2, 2006   The Fresno Bee
The City Council of Fresno, California, endorsed the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement on July 18th to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the city's Mayor has stated he won't sign off on the proposal.
Aug 20, 2006   The Fresno Bee
California's Central Valley is known to be one of the most polluted areas in U.S., but few know that the two national parks above the Valley, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, actually have higher ozone concentrations than the flatlands below.
Jul 20, 2006   The Fresno Bee