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The post-carbon city will require dramatically different planning. Why not plan them with children in mind, writes Jason McLennan?
Aug 3, 2011   Yes! Magazine
<p>Corporations have long been able to use regulatory instruments and the courts to override community interests to gain access to resources or to site noxious land uses. Now communities are fighting back.</p>
Sep 30, 2007   Yes! Magazine
<p>Oakland's new progressive mayor and the Oakland Apollo Alliance are working to turn that city's fortunes around through "green collar" jobs and "green enterprise zones".</p>
Dec 7, 2006   Yes! Magazine
Between the diaspora of its residents, the prospect of a "Disney-fied" redevelopment plan, and the need to involve residents in planning processes, New Orleans is the site of an immense tug of war over its future.
Dec 15, 2005   Yes! Magazine