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The post-carbon city will require dramatically different planning. Why not plan them with children in mind, writes Jason McLennan?
Aug 3, 2011   Yes! Magazine
Jay Walljasper writing in Yes! Magazine, reports on all the innovations that make Portland the premier cycling city in the U.S.
Dec 1, 2010   Yes! Magazine
The latest issue of Yes! Magazine focuses on local resilience, and how preparing for a Peak Oil era -- through such efforts as the Transition Town movement -- can be a positive force for community building.
Sep 24, 2010   Yes! Magazine
Stacy Mitchell reports on the growing trend of micro-financing, where small business people turn to the local community to get the funding they need to open restaurants or small shops.
Aug 31, 2010   Yes! Magazine
In this interview with the City Repair Project co-founder Mark Lakeman, Yes! Magazine writer Brooke Jarvis learns how residents can fix their neighborhoods by creating public space where it never existed before. [Includes photo essay].
May 12, 2010   Yes! Magazine
Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance summarizes some of the key positive trends in re-localization.
May 3, 2010   Yes! Magazine
Carl Anthony suggests that emerging land use policies (such as high speed rail) could threaten to exacerbate trends towards racial segregation, unless there is broader participation from people of color in planning processes.
Mar 10, 2010   Yes! Magazine
The health care reform town halls are just the latest evidence that traditional forms of public engagement are no longer effective and in fact can be counterproductive, writes Sandy Heierbacher.
Aug 30, 2009   Yes! Magazine
As part of a special issue on food, Yes! Magazine profiles the Brazilian city of Belo, which has, by working with farmers and communities, put an end to hunger.
Mar 16, 2009   Yes! Magazine
At a time of extreme housing market volatility, community land trusts are seen as a more sustainable form of tenure.
Sep 3, 2008   Yes! Magazine
<p>By staking claim to public space, Critical Mass rides are a powerful means of supporting First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly, according to this piece from <em>Yes! Magazine</em>.</p>
Jan 10, 2008   Yes! Magazine