St. Louis Post Dispatch

Just as Witold Rybczynski declares New York's High Line un-copyable, St. Louis announces plans for a linear park on top of an old railroad trestle
May 19, 2011   St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board formally endorses the removal of elevated and depressed lanes of current I-70 ROW to reconnect city and arch grounds.
Mar 3, 2010   St. Louis Post Dispatch
Developer Paul McKee has secretly assembled 500 acres of land in north St. Louis, and recently unveiled a plan that includes 4 and a half million sq. ft. of new office and retail and 10,000 new homes.
May 30, 2009   St. Louis Post Dispatch
<p>The governor of Illinois and legislators outside of Chicago are fighting over transportation funding, which is delaying the bailout for Chicago transit.</p>
Dec 3, 2007   St. Louis Post Dispatch
<p>Two major development projects for downtown St. Louis were announced this week including plans for a headquarters relocating from the suburbs to downtown and the conversion of the closed St. Louis Centre shopping mall into a mixed use development.</p>
Sep 28, 2007   St. Louis Post Dispatch
The bill advancing through the state House distinguishes between eminent domain justifications, from tax revenue to blight removal.
Apr 5, 2006   St. Louis Post Dispatch
For the second consective year, the Census Bureau has revised the population estimate for the City of St. Louis, resulting in a continued rise in population since the 1950 Census.
Dec 9, 2005   St. Louis Post Dispatch