The Sydney Morning Herald

With the number of serviceable trains dwindling the Sydney Monorail is being scrapped.
Jul 1, 2013   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>The state government's plan to build new housing to accommodate anticipated population growth is being pushed over the heads of local officials who contend they had little say in the growth targets.</p>
Dec 26, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>A recent study on childhood development in compact cities calls on planners to consider the needs of children when making plans to avoid not giving children enough places to play. Children's motor skills are negatively affected, making them clumsy.</p>
Dec 7, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>Government planners rejected plans for light-rail and have proposed a downtown transit mall with bus only lanes.</p>
Nov 25, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>A new bill passed by the Australian Parliament appears at first to offer protection to environmentally sensitive lands is actually little more than a carbon-trading system for land that helps development on sensitive lands overstep environmental review.</p>
Nov 14, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>While still dogged by its tawdry and crime-ridden reputation, London's East Side is booming with nightlife and vibrant neighborhoods. More big redevelopment plans underway as the city begins to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.</p>
Nov 5, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>Citing the example of Cuban organic farming, this piece from <em>The Sydney Morning Herald</em> looks at the paradigm that pits cities against all that is natural.</p>
Oct 13, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
Wendell Cox has diagnosed what he sees as Sydney, Australia's most crippling problem: not enough freeways. Australian developers have taken in America's most vocal supporter of sprawl, who is pushing for more drivability in Sydney.
Aug 25, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
The ills that affect our cities can be cured with more sustainable urban planning, says one Australian public health practitioner.
Aug 16, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
Poll shows that Australians disapprove of the Federal Government's response to increases in gas prices and interest rates.
Aug 15, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald
Suburban growth patterns are among a host of factors considered detrimental to public health in several recent stories featured in the Australian media.
Aug 14, 2006   The Sydney Morning Herald