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With the number of serviceable trains dwindling the Sydney Monorail is being scrapped.
Jul 1, 2013   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>A recently announced $12.5 billion metropolitan rail system plan for Sydney has many in the region excited about finally getting a good mass transit system. But they are also wary, as many other proposals promising similar services were never kept.</p>
Mar 24, 2008   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>The Aborigine population in Australia is on the rise, and the shift in demographics is posing problems for the country's school system.</p>
Mar 13, 2008   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>According to a recent poll, one out of every five people in Syndey, Australia, is considering moving out of town. Many city high costs and a loss of job opportunities in the city.</p>
Mar 4, 2008   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>Congestion is one of the most common complaints about a city, whether it's L.A., New York, Beijing, or Sydney. This article takes a look at how congestion is important to making a city what it is.</p>
Nov 15, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>A European experiment that removed traffic signs to improve pedestrian safety has spread to Australia.</p>
Oct 19, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>An exploration of the architectural ego, the reasons for its existence, and whether it could be any other way.</p>
Aug 2, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>This editorial from <em>The Sydney Morning Herald</em> looks at how the rise in housing prices in Australia has both short- and long-term negative effects.</p>
Jul 5, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>The Lord Mayor of Sydney has used very blunt language to characterize the city's future, yet planning to counter anticipated problems is still in the early stages.</p>
Jun 7, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>The policy of urban consolidation that Sydney has followed for 20 years is straining the region's infrastructure, while providing little to no affordable housing, argues a newly published paper.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald
<p>A innovative program for gifted children in Australia is giving students a chance to learn the basics of town planning.</p>
Jan 17, 2007   The Sydney Morning Herald