The Los Angeles Times

Dissatisfied with state regulation and feeling that rural interests go unrepresented, the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors voted this week in favor of leaving the Golden State to create a state called Jefferson.
Sep 6, 2013   The Los Angeles Times
San Gabriel's emergence as an Asian shopping and cultural hub has created opportunity for denser development and other urban improvements.
Jul 30, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
The battle over property adjacent to SCI-Arc in a formerly-abandoned area will speak volume about the rebirth of downtown Los Angeles.
Jul 30, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
Delays, inconvenience and inefficient service force LA Times reporter to abandon use of Pasadena Gold Line.
Jul 28, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
Orange County, with little open land and high housing demand, broke ground on its first brownfield mass-transit-oriented development.
Jul 27, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
Southern California's Ventura County -- a model of slow growth with a range of growth control limits -- is growing just as fast as it's larger neighbors.
Jul 26, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
After four decades of decline, Los Angeles' core is seeing a white 'yuppie' influx. Gregory Rodriguez argues that in the long run, the traditional residents of the neighborhood will do the most for the city.
Jul 20, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
Plans to preserve the Hearst Ranch and one of the most scenic coastal real estate in California gains support.
Jul 18, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
The City of Dana Point sues a resident who chopped off the tops of seven pine trees in a public park to improve the view from his multimillion-dollar home.
Jul 16, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
The L.A. Times presents the fourth report in a series on Africa's swelling slums. This article focuses on a community known as 'Deep Sea'.
Jul 16, 2004   The Los Angeles Times
Covering six blocks, the mixed-use plan will include theaters, restaurants, and a massive hotel within walking distance of the Convention Center. City officials have yet to include financial support.
Jul 15, 2004   The Los Angeles Times