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Gary Richards, the Roadshow columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, provides many examples of redesigning streets for bikes, peds, and transit throughout the Bay Area, a direct result of the 2008 California Complete Streets legislation.
Aug 21, 2011   The Mercury News
<p>As suburbs have increased in population, so too have their rates of poverty, according to a new Brookings Institution Report. Suburban poor now outnumber their inner-city counterparts for the first time.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   The Mercury News
Nevada's latest tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign to lure California businesses features a missing California Grizzly Bear and 'California happy cows'.
Jan 29, 2006   The Mercury News
Suburban ecosystems are one of the last frontiers for scientists trying to understand how people change the natural world.
Dec 11, 2005   The Mercury News
The San Jose Mercury News compiles a list of the 'worst of the worst' rodas in Northern California, according to it readers.
Dec 2, 2005   The Mercury News
Growing population makes it critical to address sprawl. This article includes a checklist for identifying eco-friendly city council candidates.
Sep 29, 2004   The Mercury News
A 1911 hotel's journey from abandonment to rehabilitation shows how imagination, vision, and firm leadership can make it happen.
Aug 23, 2004   The Mercury News
As the economy is slumping, affordable housing cannot compete with market rates.
Dec 11, 2003   The Mercury News
As sprawl has hit the wall, places like Fremont, CA are looking to convert aging strip malls into mixed-use developments.
Dec 4, 2003   The Mercury News