The Kansas City Star

Dave Helling details the political machinations behind the state of Missouri's proposed statewide transportation sales tax that will appear before voters in August.
Jun 21, 2014   The Kansas City Star
According to a new report, protecting the environment creates jobs.
Sep 29, 2004   The Kansas City Star
Ceramic heads guard the roofline of an historic apartment building off of Kansas City's Country Club Plaza shopping district, but the city's Landmarks Commission now says the heavy heads must come down.
Sep 13, 2004   The Kansas City Star
The City Council of Mission, KS, unanimously passed zoning ordinance amendments which include more stringent controls on any potential big-box development within its downtown corridor.
Aug 27, 2004   The Kansas City Star
Regulations recommended by Mission planners Monday may discourage plans to turn the Mission Center Mall into a Wal-Mart Supercenter.
Aug 22, 2004   The Kansas City Star
Great cities do not necessarily have impressive skylines, but 'streets, plazas and parks where people gather to shop, play.'
Aug 18, 2004   The Kansas City Star
Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution summarizes the challenges faced by a region on the rise.
Jun 11, 2004   The Kansas City Star
An urban soil conservationist builds a backyard pond to stop his storm water erosion; now a local developer is interested in the idea.
May 17, 2004   The Kansas City Star
After years of expanding primarily in rural and suburban locations, the giant retailer begins to adapt to more urban locations.
Mar 23, 2004   The Kansas City Star
Disney theme parks--traditionally sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities--have banned the popular transportation machine.
Feb 11, 2004   The Kansas City Star
H&R Block's decision to build its headquarters in Kansas City's South Loop area marks a turning point for the long-neglected neighborhood.
Dec 22, 2003   The Kansas City Star