The Kansas City Star

Mike Hendricks reports on road diet plans for Grand Boulevard in Downtown Kansas City.
Dec 17, 2014   The Kansas City Star
<p>FBI statistics that identify Kansas City as having the most violent crime in the nation fortify results from a recent survey of residents who are more concerned about crime than residents of the reigning "most dangerous city in America", St. Louis.</p>
Dec 30, 2006   The Kansas City Star
<p>The Kansas City Star newspaper created an extensive methodology to do a report card on city neighborhood trends and then rank the best neighborhoods within Kansas City, Missouri.</p>
Dec 12, 2006   The Kansas City Star
<p>This month Kansas City, Missouri, voters approved a petition-initiated light rail plan that specified the use of wireless technology. Will the city be the first in the U.S. to use it?</p>
Nov 30, 2006   The Kansas City Star
<p>Kansas City voters approved a light rail plan that was opposed by the regional transit agency -- who called it a fantasy and ungrounded in reality.</p>
Nov 9, 2006   The Kansas City Star
<p>With an urban renaissance already underway, local designers are pushing the city to recognize the importance of good architecture and urban design.</p>
Nov 7, 2006   The Kansas City Star
To counter the growing backlash against suburbia from urban dwellers and environmentalists, one Kansas museum wants to establish a center dedicated to the study of the 'burbs.
Jul 23, 2006   The Kansas City Star
The Kansas City Star newspaper used nearly two-dozen quality-of-life indicators to rate and rank some 40 suburbs around Kansas City.
Nov 29, 2005   The Kansas City Star
The struggling Mission Center Mall has been sold to a New York based developer with plans to overhaul it into a dense mixed-use development.
Aug 28, 2005   The Kansas City Star
Retail Construction Magazine ranks RED Development as the second largest retail constructor.
Jun 15, 2005   The Kansas City Star
A master plan for the St. Louis riverfront will begin shortly to improve connections with the Mississippi River and downtown St. Louis.
May 3, 2005   The Kansas City Star