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Mike Hendricks reports on road diet plans for Grand Boulevard in Downtown Kansas City.
Dec 17, 2014   The Kansas City Star
<p>Contemporary architecture needs to reacquaint itself with the creation of beautiful and people-friendly spaces, argues columnist E. Thomas McClanahan.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>Even with a voter approved plan, the Kansas City metro region is only beginning to talk about light rail construction -- to its determent, argues one columnist.</p>
Jul 31, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>"Progress" and developers are carelessly expanding the reach of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.</p>
Jul 30, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>A new downtown facility will serve as a training ground for architecture students from Kansas State and the University of Kansas.</p>
Jul 11, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>On the Kansas side of Metro area, officials still include thinks it needs more roads to ease sprawl created congestion.</p>
Jun 1, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>A group of planners and architects has put forth an alternative light rail proposal that they believe is more practical than a plan already approved by voters.</p>
May 9, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>As Kansas City pushes forward with light rail plans, the mayor wants to expand the system to a regional scale.</p>
Apr 19, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>The town of Blue Springs, Missouri, has turned to a form-based code to help revitalize its downtown and improve predictability for residents and developers alike.</p>
Apr 5, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>In Kansas City, Missouri, voters just elected their former city auditor as their new mayor. One of the unlikely campaign issues: the use of tax increment financing for developers.</p>
Mar 29, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>Plans for a light rail system in Kansas City may move forward only by sacrificing the city's bus system. Federal funding currently supporting the buses would have to be diverted to the proposed light rail system, adversely affecting bus service.</p>
Mar 26, 2007   The Kansas City Star