The Kansas City Star

Dave Helling details the political machinations behind the state of Missouri's proposed statewide transportation sales tax that will appear before voters in August.
Jun 21, 2014   The Kansas City Star
<p>Libertarian groups Cato Institute and Show-Me Institute are scrambling to convince Kansas City to end talks to consider building a light rail system in the city.</p>
Jan 23, 2008   The Kansas City Star
<p>The long-awaited report by the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission has finally been released and it's sure to create a stir as it calls for annual increases in the gas tax of 5 to 8 cents for 5 years, and then some.</p>
Jan 17, 2008   The Kansas City Star
<p>Johnson County's rural residents fear the expansion of nearby Overland Park is a land grab that will perpetuate suburban sprawl, thereby diminishing their quality of life.</p>
Jan 7, 2008   The Kansas City Star
<p>The city may consider a heavy rail subway system after overturning a light rail ballot initiative.</p>
Dec 10, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>The public library system in Jackson County, Oregon, is part of a growing trend: outsourcing and privatizing public services.</p>
Oct 6, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>This column criticizes the recently-passed Kansas City ordinance that restricts billboard advertising within the city, claiming it will disproportionately harm local small businesses that are already having trouble getting noticed.</p>
Sep 9, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>The Kansas City Council has passed an ordinance that will tightly restrict outdoor billboard advertising within the city. The ordinance effectively bans new billboards from all city streets.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>In Kansas City, plans for a new light rail line connecting the city to the nearby international airport will need about $500 million more than originally expected to complete construction and maintain operations.</p>
Aug 10, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>Contemporary architecture needs to reacquaint itself with the creation of beautiful and people-friendly spaces, argues columnist E. Thomas McClanahan.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   The Kansas City Star
<p>Even with a voter approved plan, the Kansas City metro region is only beginning to talk about light rail construction -- to its determent, argues one columnist.</p>
Jul 31, 2007   The Kansas City Star