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In a recent piece in Wired, Clive Thompson suggests that the solution to the problem of texting while driving is not to stop texting, but to stop driving. The popularity of texting is a good reason to support public transit.
Mar 17, 2010   Wired Magazine
<p>From mile-high skyscrapers and floating cities, a look back at some of of the impractical and unrealized dreams of architects and planners.</p>
Apr 23, 2008   Wired Magazine
<p>As the site adds more transit systems to its database, some hope that Google's transit route planner could become as useful as its car route mapping software.</p>
Apr 13, 2008   Wired Magazine
<p>With a growing population, a sprawling urban landscape, and uncertain public funding, Los Angeles seems to be hoping for a miracle with its latest transportation planning effort.</p>
Apr 9, 2008   Wired Magazine
<p>There are good reasons why the U.S. hasn't built a high-speed rail network. But there are just as many, if not more, good reasons why it should.</p>
Jun 29, 2007   Wired Magazine
While Pictometry's new mapping technology is being used for public safety, it's also being used by building officials who don't have to leave the office to see who's building without a permit.
Apr 6, 2006   Wired Magazine
Prefabricated housing used to be a dirty word in the housing business. Today, many designer prefab houses are an affordable and elegant solution -- maybe even the "holy grail of modernism".
Jan 5, 2006   Wired Magazine
Scenario planning can work and save lives. But only if we heed the warnings.
Dec 2, 2005   Wired Magazine
A new book demonstrates that even the ugliest industrial structures have a certain beauty when you consider their utility.
Nov 29, 2005   Wired Magazine