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In Portland, a group called "Potholes for Poverty" promises, for a charitable donation, to come by your beat-up street and fill in the offending rut. The City of Portland is not pleased.
Sep 27, 2010   The Portland Tribune
<p>Preparations are underway to take Oregon's land use legislation Measure 37 back to the ballot this November, but the property rights case that became the face issue still remains unsettled.</p>
Aug 12, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>As planners move forward on plans to rezone and redevelop the riverfront and harbor in Portland, Oregon, environmental and industrial interests are clashing on how best to make it happen.</p>
Aug 7, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>Already one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities, Portland, Oregon, is looking to update its bicycle master plan to make cycling even more attractive in the city.</p>
Jul 23, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>Portland, Oregon, is one of the country's most bike-friendly cities, but in a recent survey of cyclists, bike riders say that the city could be doing more.</p>
Jul 14, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>In a series of articles, <em>The Portland Tribune</em> looks at the state of the housing market in the city and the trends that are affecting the urban lives of the city's diverse population.</p>
Jun 28, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>Federal Section 8 subsidies are set to expire for nearly 1,000 units of low income housing in Portland between December and 2013. Officials are looking to partner with private and non-profit groups to buy the housing before owners can raise rents.</p>
Jun 27, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>An atmospheric scientist is telling local officials in Portland, Oregon, that the concentration of new housing in existing high density areas may be a bad practice, as these areas tend to be located near freeways, and therefore high pollution.</p>
Apr 22, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>Transportation problems and needed improvements are expected to cost the state of Oregon billions in the next 20 years. A new report is also estimating costs of nearly $2 billion a year in lost productivity due to the transportation problems.</p>
Mar 26, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>In Portland, Oregon, results of a survey about the mayor's long-term planning vision reveal that many in the city feel development is pricing out the poor, and that policies cater more to encouraging economic development than to resident's interests.</p>
Mar 12, 2007   The Portland Tribune
<p>With a number of big transportation and road projects in the queue for the state, Oregon remains unsure about where it's going to get the money to build them.</p>
Mar 6, 2007   The Portland Tribune