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The Senate passed two bills late last week that essentially killed growth management in Florida, eliminating the Dept. of Community Affairs and repealing a law from 1985 that required developers to assess impacts.
May 10, 2011   The St. Petersburg Times
In a controversial move, new Florida Governor Rick Scott has appointed Billy Buzzett, vice-president at a development company, to lead the state's Department of Community Affairs.
Jan 8, 2011   The St. Petersburg Times
MacDill Air Force Base has created a snarl of traffic in Tampa. Transportation planners are at a loss to find a solution so far.
Jan 5, 2011   The St. Petersburg Times
A controversial ballot measure in November could put all Florida general plan changes to a public vote. The St. Petersburg City Council is attempting some sleight-of-hand with their land use map to avoid facing the voters.
Sep 17, 2010   The St. Petersburg Times
The City Council of Zephyrhills, Florida is the latest public entity to come out against Amendment 4, a proposition that would require a public vote on any changes to local land use plans.
Jul 18, 2010   The St. Petersburg Times
In Tampa, voters can't seem to untangle an upcoming one-cent sales tax to fund light rail with the Obama administration's recent $1.25 billion award for high-speed rail, though the funding is completely separate.
Apr 27, 2010   The St. Petersburg Times
The "creative class" is using the Internet and the blog world to drum up new ideas for combating sprawl and placelessness. This article argues it's only a matter of time before these urban thinkers go from blogging to local politics.
Sep 7, 2008   The St. Petersburg Times
In a certain part of downtown Tampa, Florida, people have been complaining for years about car alarms randomly going off, or not working at all. It turns out that a local radio station's signal interference is the cause.
Sep 7, 2008   The St. Petersburg Times
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Aug 8, 2008   The St. Petersburg Times
<p>With the Tampa region one of only two top 25 metro areas without rails in the ground or on the drawing board, local leaders want to kick start the planning process. But is the region ready for light rail when only 1 percent of locals ride the bus?</p>
May 16, 2008   The St. Petersburg Times
<p>The governors of Florida, Alabama and Georgia have come to a tentative agreement on how to divvy up the water supplied by shared rivers, giving hope that the 17-year water rights battle between the states may soon come to an end.</p>
Dec 18, 2007   The St. Petersburg Times