The Roanoke Times

The State of Virginia wants to put up 2/3rds of the cost of a new private railyard in Montgomery County. County officials say it doesn't fit the character of the rural area, and have sued to stop it from being built.
Oct 17, 2010   The Roanoke Times
<p>Developers who submitted a plan for a retail development and then added a big box store to the plan after it had been approved have sued the city of Blacksburg, Virginia, for instituting new planning rules that requires extra governmental approval.</p>
Dec 22, 2007   The Roanoke Times
<p>This piece from <em>The Roanoke Times</em> laments the coming of a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and blasts the planning process that let a proposed mixed-use walkable town center transform into a "big-box juggernaut".</p>
Aug 16, 2007   The Roanoke Times
<p>Two Roanoke City Councilmembers explain why they voted against an $880,000 city grant to a local developer and propose a more objective approach to offering development incentives.</p>
Aug 15, 2007   The Roanoke Times
<p>The Virginia Department of Transportation is looking to change its rules on creating new bicycle and pedestrian lanes to increase the state's walk- and bike-ability.</p>
Oct 30, 2006   The Roanoke Times
Thirty years after urban renewal effort, jury rules that a city's condemnation threat constitutes temporary taking.
Nov 18, 2005   The Roanoke Times
Charrette conducted by planning firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. generates ideas for improving downtown.
Oct 13, 2005   The Roanoke Times
Can sparsely populated Montgomery and Roanoke counties -- which are revising their comprehensive plans -- adopt smart growth principles?
Oct 4, 2004   The Roanoke Times
By now many people know about smart growth, but implementing it faces many challenges.
Mar 13, 2004   The Roanoke Times
In a speech at Virginia Tech, New Urbanism advocate James Kunstler strongly criticized modern U.S. architecture and planning.
Mar 29, 2002   The Roanoke Times