The Oakland Tribune

<p>While Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has received fame for making global warming a priority, he has studiously avoided the land use connection. Not so for California's attorney general, who is tackling the issue head on, even warning of litigation.</p>
Nov 16, 2007   The Oakland Tribune
Neighborhood residents find that closing an unruly local liquor store -- is a lesson in planning gone awry.
Nov 9, 2004   The Oakland Tribune
In an apparent surprise to riders, the American Public Transit Association names northern California's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) the top transit system in America.
Aug 25, 2004   The Oakland Tribune
The California Department of Transportation offers tours of a working transit tunnel filled with history and surprises.
Jun 26, 2004   The Oakland Tribune
In Emeryville, California, a burgeoning community of Indian immigrants is revitalizing everything from schools to love.
Apr 1, 2004   The Oakland Tribune
Alameda County, California, might have spoken too soon in passing a big box ban.
Mar 29, 2004   The Oakland Tribune
Fifteen hours ago, they thought a footprint came from a tennis shoe and now they are talking about density...
Feb 6, 2003   The Oakland Tribune
Vegetable oil-powered vehicles would cost the city more but produce less pollution.
Dec 4, 2002   The Oakland Tribune
California's Bay Area has been successful in returning brownfields to productive use.
Aug 30, 2002   The Oakland Tribune
New Urbanist project in Santa Clara fills gap in Bay Area development scene.
Jul 30, 2002   The Oakland Tribune
A new bill would force the merger of northern Califronia's Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments.
Jan 11, 2002   The Oakland Tribune