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A new study by the Reason Foundation evaluates wind power and finds that wind power is limited in practice due to the increased need for power storage, the decrease in grid reliability, and the increased operating costs.
Oct 8, 2012   Reason Foundation
The entire country is in recession, but the nation's ports are experiencing a flood of interest from investors, according to this article from <em>Reason</em>.
Mar 30, 2009   Reason Foundation
<p>In a new policy brief, Reason Foundation's Ted Balaker examines what the ability to get around town quickly means to our professional and personal lives.</p>
Jul 17, 2007   Reason Foundation
<p>New technology allows us to manage traffic flow better than ever before, but we need to shift away from reliance on gas taxes, which are failing to deliver necessary revenue, a new Reason study argues.</p>
May 8, 2007   Reason Foundation
<p>Leonard Gilroy, AICP, makes the case for why Californians should support Proposition 90, which he suggests will block eminent domain abuses and limit regulatory takings.</p>
Oct 22, 2006   Reason Foundation
Reason's Annual Privatization Report chronicles and analyzes the most important developments in privatization, outsourcing, and government reform.
Aug 11, 2006   Reason Foundation
A recent commentary argues that surface-level boulevards may be bigger barriers to waterfront pedestrian access than the elevated freeways the replace.
Jul 19, 2006   Reason Foundation
"Community rights" do not exist, and since legislators and much of the public have "gone squishy" over individual property rights, more action is needed to restrict eminent domain powers, according to this op-ed.
Jun 29, 2006   Reason Foundation
With just six percent of US land developed, zoning laws should reflect community needs, writes Samuel R. Staley.
Dec 19, 2005   Reason Foundation
Technology is doing something transit planners have been unable to do for decades - get people out of their cars. People working from home now outnumber mass transit commuters in 27 of the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas.
Nov 13, 2005   Reason Foundation