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On Sept. 30, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the final environmental impact statement for a contentious $7.5 billion Liquefied Natural Gas export facility, pipeline, and power plant in Coos Bay, Ore. More approvals are still needed.
2 days ago   Portland Business Journal
The Portland City Council unanimously approved a $613 million, 20 year plan to improve the city's bike infrastructure.
Feb 12, 2010   Portland Business Journal
Developers in Portland has begun installation of a set of wind turbines atop a new tower in downtown Portland.
Aug 17, 2009   Portland Business Journal
<p>Research by economists at Oregon State University shows that the state's land prices have not been impacted by its strong planning system and land-use regulations.</p>
Jun 8, 2007   Portland Business Journal
<p>Portland, Oregon, is pushing stricter regulations on the city's waste, mandating that residents and businesses recycle 75% of their waste by 2015. Many businesspeople are upset about the costs that would be associated with compliance.</p>
Jun 1, 2007   Portland Business Journal
In Portland, known for transit oriented development, a planned big-box development will have easy access to. light rail.
Nov 15, 2005   Portland Business Journal