The Philadelphia Daily News

Community organizers in Philadelphia are leading an effort to convert a disused elevated railway into a park.
Aug 30, 2011   The Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia has long been derided for its dirty and filthy streets. This reputation has turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Aug 18, 2011   The Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia may lose its world-famous skateboarding landmark with the renovation of its LOVE Park plaza, flaring a decade-old debate that has made international headlines.
Mar 6, 2011   The Philadelphia Daily News
Transit oriented development is lacking near many of Philadelphia's transit stops, but new projects are bringing the city up to speed.
May 3, 2009   The Philadelphia Daily News
<p>A newspaper beer columnist writes that a good local bar is not just a place for drinks and socializing, it can attract business too.</p>
May 2, 2008   The Philadelphia Daily News
<p>Designers and community development corporations collaborate on concepts for infill development along Philadelphia's commercial corridors.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The Philadelphia Daily News
<p>As redevelopment and construction progress along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, Mayor John Street has approved the formation of an advisory group that will craft a master plan for the booming area.</p>
Oct 17, 2006   The Philadelphia Daily News
New political willpower demonstrated by Philadelphia's mayor, a state senator, and Governor Rendell has opened the door for much-needed development in the area.
Jun 6, 2006   The Philadelphia Daily News
In Philadelphia, politics, not planning, determines what gets built, according to UPenn Fellow Mark Alan Hughes. A project that can be built as-of-right under the current zoning has riled elected officials and neighbors.
Mar 27, 2006   The Philadelphia Daily News
While the abatement can be a 'wealth magnet' for the city by generating market value from tax-free properties, the real benefit may be limited to the developers who cash in.
Feb 10, 2006   The Philadelphia Daily News
Mark Alan Hughes takes on politicians who plan to use legislation limiting the use of eminent domain as a means to mobilize voters. Hughes points out that Kelo didn’t really change anything about the use of eminent domain.
Nov 9, 2005   The Philadelphia Daily News