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The futuristic transportation idea known as the Hyperloop is starting to look real. CNN Money caught up with the leaders of one of the companies working to make the dream of super-fast, efficient intercity travel a reality.
Jan 8, 2016   CNN Money
<p>While housing markets in the rest of the country reel from the mortgage crisis, Irvine, the city that was once home to 18 subprime lenders, is seeing its local economy suffer as the effects of high profile bankruptcies ripples to other businesses.</p>
Mar 29, 2008   CNN Money
<p>A new report from the U.S. Census shows that the Sunbelt continues to lead the nation in population growth, with Dallas-Fort Worth showing the greatest gains.</p>
Mar 28, 2008   CNN Money
<p>For the first time since 1945, home equity rates in the U.S. have dropped to below 50% -- figures that could worsen if home prices continue to drop.</p>
Mar 7, 2008   CNN Money
<p>The U.S. Census Bureau's Report on Vacancies and Homeownership shows that homeownership rates are declining while inventories of available housing are increasing.</p>
Feb 7, 2008   CNN Money
<p>IBM announced the development of a new traffic prediction tool that could help cities maximize their existing infrastructure investments.</p>
Aug 1, 2007   CNN Money
<p>AECom -- the Los Angeles based parent company of planning and design firm EDAW and a host of other development and engineering firms -- is continuing its consolidation.</p>
Jul 8, 2007   CNN Money
<p>Moscow is the world's most expensive city, at 35% more expensive than living in new York. Asuncion in Paraguay is the least expensive city for the fifth year running.</p>
Jun 21, 2007   CNN Money
<p>Some markets have experienced a dramatic increase in housing listings, according to a report by ZipRealty, a California real estate broker.</p>
May 17, 2007   CNN Money
A new study indicates that hybrid car buyers can break even financially, though government tax breaks and not just fuel savings help make up for the more expensive price tag.
Aug 23, 2006   CNN Money
In the face of skyrocketing house prices, some lenders are offering unprecedented 50-year mortgages.
May 11, 2006   CNN Money