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The futuristic transportation idea known as the Hyperloop is starting to look real. CNN Money caught up with the leaders of one of the companies working to make the dream of super-fast, efficient intercity travel a reality.
Jan 8, 2016   CNN Money
CNN ranks 10 American cities according to housing affordability, and finds that foreclosures, median incomes and the availability of developable land all influencing housing affordability.
Feb 18, 2010   CNN Money
Americans caught up in the foreclosure crisis can now apply for relief from the Obama Administration's new "loan modification plan."
Mar 4, 2009   CNN Money
The National League of Cities is reporting that the vast majority of America's cities are facing "fiscal difficulties," including a loss in tax revenue and the inability to secure credit.
Feb 9, 2009   CNN Money
Retail analysts predict a "sea change" in the retail landscape in 2009, with a record number of bankruptcies, closures and vacancies.
Jan 2, 2009   CNN Money
The federal transportation spending bill will be up for reauthorization in 2009. The fate of the nation's transportation will hinge on how this bill is reworked, which will largely be determined by who wins this November's presidential election.
Oct 17, 2008   CNN Money
<p><em>CNN Money</em> has released its ranking of the best places to live.</p>
Jul 15, 2008   CNN Money
<p>With gas averaging $3.45 a gallon, the U.S. still only ranks as the 110th most expensive place to buy gas -- out of 155 countries.</p>
May 1, 2008   CNN Money
<p>Officials in Youngstown, Ohio, hope to save money and strengthen their community by vacating sparsely populated neighborhoods, but homeowners in the targeted areas are reluctant to leave -- even with the city's $50,000 incentives.</p>
May 1, 2008   CNN Money
<p>With the nation's infrastructure in dire need of investment, a debate over the need to raise the federal gas tax is brewing in Washington, D.C.</p>
Apr 22, 2008   CNN Money
<p>After years of decline, Youngstown Ohio has an aggressive plan to bulldoze abandoned properties and pare back on services and infrastructure.</p>
Apr 15, 2008   CNN Money