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With Congressional budget negotiations ongoing in Washington, New Orleans home builders, policy makers, and low-income residents are hoping that the HOME Investment Partnership program comes out unscathed.
Oct 29, 2015   The Times-Picayune
The Greater New Orleans Foundation has approved the use of 16 "technical help teams" -- including one led by Duany Plater-Zyberk -- to help with recovery planning.
Jul 28, 2006   The Times-Picayune
Displaced residents tell the City Council that they will return to their 7th Ward housing complex this weekend and will tear down any fences in their way, refusing to wait any longer for official action on permission to return.
Jun 4, 2006   The Times-Picayune
In one of the few areas in New Orleans that was not ravaged by Hurricane Katrina flooding, neighborhood residents gathered to protest against the recent placement of a FEMA trailer park.
Apr 3, 2006   The Times-Picayune
New Orleans residents warn of civil disorder if they are not allowed to return to their homes.
Jan 17, 2006   The Times-Picayune
Concerns were raised decades ago about the design and stability of New Orelean's levees.
Dec 18, 2005   The Times-Picayune
Community leaders and developers all agree that New Orleans must be built towards the future, but there are many ideas about how to go about doing it.
Nov 18, 2005   The Times-Picayune
Safeguarding against future natural disasters is the most important thing New Orleans can do to bring the businesses back.
Oct 27, 2005   The Times-Picayune
The new Hong Kong Plaza used the old Wal-Mart structure as a blueprint for its development.
Jul 31, 2005   The Times-Picayune
The University of New Orleans has increased scholarships to lure new urban planning students from Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.
Nov 1, 2004   The Times-Picayune
An 1800s-style gas station design will become a blueprint for future gas station designs in Mandeville, Louisiana.
Oct 15, 2004   The Times-Picayune