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In a long read for Metropolis Magazine, Alex Marshall describes the implications of the “Smart City” movement, including the risk of turning over massive data collection operations to large corporations.
Feb 24, 2014   Metropolis Magazine
New restaurants are striving to look like (and to be) community institutions, reflecting old-style pubs, meeting halls and marketplaces.
Aug 25, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
A new website intends to be both a crowdsourced wiki of information on buildings and an open forum for architectural criticism.
Aug 15, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has teamed up with The International Living Building Institute have launched a contest to envision future cities using sustainable practices - a move that the NTHP doesn't find at odds with their mission.
Jul 25, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
Architecture firm Woods/Bagot has been contracted to perform a "super green" makeover on the XiXi Wetlands in Hangzhou, China.
Jun 22, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) were brought on board to bring a 1958 SOM skyscraper up to LEED standards. Architects found that the original plans, which weren't implemented, looked pretty good by today's standards.
Jun 17, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
Cartoonist Ben Katchor has an obsession with the built environment. In this cartoon, an architect finds inspiration in an olive, but struggles with developers who have their own ideas.
Apr 30, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
A new book by Hannah Higgins seeks to show that the history of modern society is based on the grid.
Apr 18, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
Roberta Brandes Gratz has released her own account of the showdown between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses, with her own history of growing up in New York interwoven. George Beane has this review.
Apr 2, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
When most people use their cars in urban settings, what sort of vehicle is optimal? MIT's Media Lab asks the question, in their quest to invent the next generation of personal mobility.
Mar 18, 2010   Metropolis Magazine
Modernism at Risk: Modern Solutions for Saving Modern Landmarks, an exhibit currently running at New York's Center for Architecture, documents how preservation groups have fought to preserve significant modern buildings.
Mar 6, 2010   Metropolis Magazine