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After three years of operation, Melbourne's publicly subsidized bike share system is for sale. Though ridership has increased each year since opening, private investment is seen as crucial for expansion.
Dec 7, 2013   The Age
Elizabeth Farrelly poses that as we get more connected via the internet and social networking, the female traits of connectivity and relationship-building are ascendant and may mean a new feminine paradigm for city-building.
Sep 18, 2011   The Age
Landscape architecture is in the spotlight, as planners and officials place increasing amounts of energy and emphasis on the creation of shared public spaces.
Nov 22, 2009   The Age
Veteran Australian architect Philip Cox says Melbourne is long overdue for a makeover, and a move towards people-centric city development.
Mar 8, 2009   The Age
<p>If jobs and services are reoriented and public transport rethought, sprawling cities like Melbourne can mitigate the consequences of dwindling energy supplies, argues a recent column.</p>
May 15, 2008   The Age
<p>Melbourne, Australia, has its own brand of suburban sprawl: suburbia without the space. A new comprehensive plan aims to address the woes of suburban Melbourne, but some say it doesn't go far enough.</p>
May 12, 2008   The Age
<p>Officials in Melbourne, Australia, are so frustrated with the city's lackluster planning process that they are pushing for the creation of a new planning authority -- one they hope will look at the "big picture".</p>
May 6, 2008   The Age
<p>Urban projects have resulted in the paving over of significant chunks of parkland in Melbourne, Australia -- land set aside more than 150 years ago to act as the city's lungs.</p>
Mar 11, 2008   The Age
<p>With government plans to increase the amount of land used for affordable housing in Melbourne, Australia, some say it's time for a regional planning entity.</p>
Mar 8, 2008   The Age
<p>The city of Melbourne, Australia, is on track to surpass Sydney as the country's most populated. But the expected population growth may push the city into a sprawling and unsustainable future.</p>
Mar 7, 2008   The Age
<p>An Australian planner has confessed to having a series of affairs with prominent developers and subsequently approving their plans for major developments.</p>
Feb 25, 2008   The Age