The Independent (UK)

Following successful developments in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush, Westfield, joined by new partner Hammerson, will build another shopping centre in south London's riot affected town of Croydon.
Nov 29, 2013   The Independent (UK)
High levels of unemployment, drug addiction and teenage pregnancy leave British seaside towns locked in a culture of 'poverty attracting poverty'.
Aug 9, 2013   The Independent (UK)
London's King's Cross train station's western concourse showcases a 140-meter wide canopy, the largest single-span station structure in Europe. New technology like solar cells and old infrastructure blend together to enhance the station.
Aug 9, 2011   The Independent (UK)
In this interview, Frank Gehry defends his record and balks at being called a "starchitect."
Dec 17, 2009   The Independent (UK)
Peak oil will happen at least 10 years earlier than most governments are expecting, and an oil crunch will occur in the next 5 years, says Dr Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency.
Aug 4, 2009   The Independent (UK)
In the continuing battle between architects and Prince Charles, the Prince has resigned from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings after it rejected the foreword he had written for an upcoming handbook on restoration.
Jul 14, 2009   The Independent (UK)
<p>The American Human Development Project has determined that the U.S. demonstrates huge disparities in life expectancy and other well-being indicators, based on geography, race, sex and class.</p>
Jul 18, 2008   The Independent (UK)
<p>A groundbreaking deal recognizing the economic value of intact forests will not only preserve a million acres of rainforest in Guyana but establish a precedent for future such arrangements.</p>
Mar 28, 2008   The Independent (UK)
<p>Scientists are warning that unless consumers use fewer plastics and oceangoing vessels and oil platforms dispose of their wastes differently, gigantic plastic Garbage Patches swirling in the Pacific gyres will continue to grow.</p>
Feb 7, 2008   The Independent (UK)
<p>Walls and checkpoints intended to bolster security in Baghdad have made cross-town journeys almost impossible and turned the city into a collection of ghettos that are reinforcing sectarian divisions.</p>
Sep 11, 2007   The Independent (UK)
<p>Australian farmers may soon lose access to irrigation if drought conditions don't improve -- which may prove to be the first climate-change related disaster to hit a developed nation.</p>
Apr 24, 2007   The Independent (UK)