Los Angeles Times

<p>Using sophisticated climate models, scientists are predicting a 15 percent loss of surface moisture by 2050. They suspect, but cannot conclude, that global warming is to blame.</p>
Apr 8, 2007   Los Angeles Times
Having become the world leader in ethanol production, Brazil turns to bio-diesel, with a policy that is intended to benefit small, family farms so as to keep them on their land, and benefit President Luiz da Silva in his reelection bid.
Sep 21, 2006   Los Angeles Times
The U.S. has 30% of the world's motor vehicle fleet but accounts for almost half of the world's greenhouse gases emitted from motor vehicles. Small cars, not SUVs, are the greatest source. GM vehicles are responsible for 1/3 of these emissions.
Jul 23, 2006   Los Angeles Times
California's fastest growing region resorts to using the political strategy of 'recall' to slow growth.
Oct 18, 2005   Los Angeles Times