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The Orlando Sentinel talks with Bill Warren, city manager of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which is a semi-autonomous government that runs the land under Disney World.
Nov 7, 2011   The Orlando Sentinel
The Disney Corporation has announced intentions to donate land for a high speed rail station in Orlando if a Florida project is approved. But some say it's unlikely the company will encourage anyone to use their station.
Oct 13, 2009   The Orlando Sentinel
Amendment 4 would require city and county comprehensive plans to go in front of the voters to be approved. It has been approved for a 2010 ballot.
Jun 24, 2009   The Orlando Sentinel
With job cuts and cost-saving measures the watchword of the day, cities like Orlando and Las Vegas are fighting their fun-loving image to attract serious-minded conventioneers.
Jun 18, 2009   The Orlando Sentinel
Before officials get too excited about using stimulus money to repair the nation's infrastructure, they should carefully consider design, according to this oped.
Feb 5, 2009   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>This commentary claims that dirty politics have prevented Florida voters from being able to control sprawl in their communities.</p>
May 19, 2008   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>Plans for a commuter rail system in Central Florida may be disrupted by a federal order to weigh the impact of rerouting freight trains to accommodate the new system.</p>
Feb 20, 2008   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>One Florida towns desire to promote works of art in public spaces demonstrates the challenges when government (and taxpayer dollars) get involved with art.</p>
Sep 15, 2007   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>The proposed 61-mile system connection -- which will provide an alternative to commuters on the congested Interstate 4 corridor -- has been given the green light by local officials.</p>
Aug 4, 2007   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>A recent report highlights the growing divide between incomes and housing costs in the Orlando area, leading many families to commute further and further to find affordable housing.</p>
May 23, 2007   The Orlando Sentinel
<p>The new wave of residents in downtown Orlando are helping to resurrect long-time churches that never fled to the suburbs.</p>
Mar 19, 2007   The Orlando Sentinel