The Washington Monthly

Most Americans drive to work out of necessity. If the government wants to provide better transportation and economic opportunity, the government should offer tax credits to help reduce the cost of driving, and enable low-income to afford a reliable car, suggests writer Margy Waller.
Oct 20, 2005   The Washington Monthly
The U.S. settlement system has created a powerful link between access and opportunity: research demonstrates that commuting by car significantly increases the employment and earnings of working families. The suburbanization of employment, the presence of
Oct 12, 2005   The Washington Monthly
A new college ranking report attempts to answer this question based onguidelines of social mobility, ethics and service.
Aug 26, 2005   The Washington Monthly
The editor of the Washington Monthly points out compelling signs that the housing bubble is about to burst.
May 19, 2004   The Washington Monthly
The United States is becoming less attractive to the creative class, writes Richard Florida, while cities in other countries are becoming new magnets.
Feb 2, 2004   The Washington Monthly
Phillip Longman argues that we need radical measures to improve public health -- foremost among these is reducing sprawl.
Apr 9, 2003   The Washington Monthly
National Association of Home Builders organizes a competition for designing senior-friendly housing.
Feb 8, 2002   The Washington Monthly
Writer David Carr is relentlessly critical of the Amtrak's new Acela train, theoretically capable of 150 mph.
Oct 5, 2001   The Washington Monthly