The Weekly Standard

No matter what alternatives it can think of, the Obama Administration remains baffled why most Americans are still attached to their cars, says Fred Barnes.
Mar 4, 2011   The Weekly Standard
Spurred by a desire to increase a wealthy New York village's worth and appeal, a string of politicians spent over 10 years trying to use the power of eminent domain to acquire a private golf course and make it public. Despite Kelo, the push failed.
Sep 8, 2006   The Weekly Standard
An eminent domain story from the New Jersey coast illustrates the complexity of the controversial issue.
Feb 7, 2006   The Weekly Standard
The Seattle Monorail was supposed to represent the future of transportation. Now the monorail proposal is "a smoldering wreck." What happened?
Oct 10, 2005   The Weekly Standard
Fifteen years of the Endangered Species Act has caused a species disaster in California's fires.
Oct 31, 2003   The Weekly Standard
Across the nation, rail transit systems are are losing riders money. So why do city governments keep building them?
Mar 14, 2003   The Weekly Standard
San Francisco is simply 'The City,'... while Anaheim is "the backdrop for Disneyland, and the center of America's new suburban experiment.
Oct 29, 2002   The Weekly Standard
There's no sense in dividing America along urban-suburban-rural lines. We need to look at regions.
Sep 26, 2002   The Weekly Standard
Where the hip suburbanites can be found. Details the exploits of "Patio Man" in "Sprinkler City", with his "Realtor Wife" and designer kids.
Aug 8, 2002   The Weekly Standard
England's anti-modernist crusade seems to have taken hold: The Village of Pondbury is the new model for environmentally sensible town planning.
Jun 30, 2002   The Weekly Standard