The American Prospect

Nathalie Baptiste examines the case of Prince George’s County in Maryland near Washington D.C. as a study in how the housing and real estate markets has unjustly attacked the wealth of Black Americans.
Oct 14, 2014   The American Prospect
The Obama administration is trying to rein in suburban sprawl. But is it any match for 70 years of unsustainable development?
Jul 10, 2010   The American Prospect
In a scathing critique of Richard Florida, reporter Alec MacGillis claims that Florida's creative class strategies haven't worked for ailing cities around the country. Florida counters that the recession has changed the landscape.
Jan 4, 2010   The American Prospect
Reporter Ben Adler travels to Leesburg, VA without a car and reports on the difficulties he experiences getting around. In comparison, Ben walks with ease around Kentlands, a New Urbanist development in Maryland.
May 6, 2009   The American Prospect
This article from <em>The American Prospect</em> profiles New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and examines her influence on the city's green agenda.
Nov 26, 2008   The American Prospect
At a recent bipartisan panel on public transportation and energy policy sponsored by the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, panelists made the Conservative case for urban density and public transit investments.
Sep 9, 2008   The American Prospect
<p>A new book argues that most American cities have fully embraced neoliberal policies that encourage gentrification, privatization, and corporate invasion -- at the expense of lower- and middle-class residents.</p>
Apr 18, 2007   The American Prospect
<p>Cities are taking the lead in working towards a sustainable future, yet there's so much left to do. It's time for professionals to take a systems approach, argues Neal Peirce.</p>
Feb 22, 2007   The American Prospect
John Meyer follws up on the 'death of environmentalism' by offering 'the afterlife of environmentalism'.
Oct 1, 2005   The American Prospect
The American Prospect offers a dual review of "American Metropolitics: The New Suburban Reality" and "Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-first Century."
Sep 14, 2002   The American Prospect
Who gains in the fundamental land battles over democratic values and commercial pursuits?
Sep 3, 2002   The American Prospect