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If you think your city is doing all it can to make its public spaces pleasant for all residents, think again. From “pig’s ears” to the "Camden Bench", Frank Swain explores the "secret tricks" cities use to make spaces uncomfortable and unattractive.
Dec 4, 2013   BBC
A personal rapid transit (PRT) system is currently under construction as part of the renovation of London's Heathrow airport. The system is on track to begin operations within two years.
Dec 19, 2007   BBC
<p>As the city traffic grinds to a crawl due to the rising amount of vehicles on the road, techies in Bangalore have taken a liking to commuting on bicycles.</p>
Dec 12, 2007   BBC
<p>Plans to build a supermarket in a small English town have put locals on the defensive, arguing the market will destroy the area's character. Company officials say the market will revive the town.</p>
Nov 25, 2007   BBC
<p>This article from the <em>BBC</em> looks at what life is like on the other side of the fences in Guantanamo City, Cuba.</p>
Oct 4, 2007   BBC
<p>Pigeon poop is driving officials crazy in towns across the world -- crazy enough to propose putting the birds on birth control to cut down their populations.</p>
Sep 28, 2007   BBC
<p>New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced plans to double the development of carbon-conscious "eco-towns" in an effort to reduce the country's emissions and expand its strained housing stock.</p>
Sep 27, 2007   BBC
<p>Government planners in China are proposing a megacity merger between Hong Kong and neighboring Shenzhen to create a metropolis of more than 20 million people, but some fear the metropolis would be too big.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   BBC
<p>A report suggests that the only way London can reach its 2025 carbon reduction goals would be to take drastic measures, such as banning all cars from the city.</p>
Sep 15, 2007   BBC
<p>Plans to build a dam will bring much-needed economic development to a struggling Turkish region, but will also destroy ancient caves, mosques, and buildings carved into sandstone canyons along the Tigris River.</p>
Sep 13, 2007   BBC
<p>With developers readying to move in on the centrally-located Mumbai slum of Dharavi, residents are organizing protests to try to ensure that displaced residents are adequately compensated.</p>
Sep 1, 2007   BBC