If you think your city is doing all it can to make its public spaces pleasant for all residents, think again. From “pig’s ears” to the "Camden Bench", Frank Swain explores the "secret tricks" cities use to make spaces uncomfortable and unattractive.
Dec 4, 2013   BBC
<p>A severe drought in Australia has cut into the country's wheat production -- and pushed prices up all over the world.</p>
Mar 15, 2008   BBC
<p>A proposal to stack millions of concrete blocks containing ashes of the deceased in a gigantic pyramid in Germany is attracting proposals from architects -- and some skepticism.</p>
Mar 14, 2008   BBC
<p>In order to raise money to provide much-needed housing for its soldiers, the Russian Army has plans to auction of millions of dollars worth of property -- from huge mansions to entire towns.</p>
Mar 13, 2008   BBC
<p>A group of mechanical engineers is calling on planners and transportation officials to more aggressively pursue a modal shift from cars to rail to reduce carbon emissions in the UK.</p>
Mar 5, 2008   BBC
<p>Public art in the United Kingdom is coming under increasing scrutiny as artists and the public grapple with the question of who should be memorialized in statue form: significant historical figures or ordinary people?</p>
Feb 20, 2008   BBC
<p>Candidates for mayor in London are touting their green credentials in the global city as is continues to win acclaim for progressive and environmentally conscious planning and administration.</p>
Feb 19, 2008   BBC
<p>Despite its relatively low car ownership rates, Britain has one of the worst public transit systems and the most congested roads among industrialized nations, according to a a new report.</p>
Jan 18, 2008   BBC
<p>Cyclists are teaming up in Delhi, forming a club to promote the bike as a better transportation alternative than the cars that are increasingly flooding the city's streets.</p>
Jan 17, 2008   BBC
<p>The article explores a tourist village in Bangalore where affluent Indians can experience a rural lifestyle. It is the showcasing of all things old, traditional and rural -- which are less and less a part of the lives of many Indians.</p>
Jan 16, 2008   BBC
<p>The city of Milan, Italy, has instituted a congestion pricing system.</p>
Jan 7, 2008   BBC