If you think your city is doing all it can to make its public spaces pleasant for all residents, think again. From “pig’s ears” to the "Camden Bench", Frank Swain explores the "secret tricks" cities use to make spaces uncomfortable and unattractive.
Dec 4, 2013   BBC
The Spanish government is moving forward with plans to build the largest casino and entertainment complex in Europe
May 1, 2009   BBC
Environmental issues are becoming a growing concern in China, and officials there seem ready to begin addressing them.
Apr 4, 2009   BBC
Residents in Venice, Italy, are upset over a plan by the city to accept a $2.7 million subsidy from Coca Cola in exchange for placement of soda machines throughout the historic city.
Feb 24, 2009   BBC
Theft and vandalism have crippled the citywide bike rental system in Paris, leaving operator JCDecaux uncertain of the increasingly expensive program's future.
Feb 10, 2009   BBC
This three-part series from the <em>BBC</em> looks at bicycles in the modern world -- from Paris to Uganda to India.
Feb 3, 2009   BBC
Light reflecting from streets and glass buildings in cities have been found in a recent study to disrupt animal behavior.
Jan 25, 2009   BBC
The income gap between rural and urban residents in China has increased again in 2008, and has been attributed to other social inequities in the growing country.
Jan 21, 2009   BBC
Floods of British expatriates moving to Mumbai are finding the city practically as competitive and sometimes even more expensive than home.
Nov 29, 2008   BBC
Mexican President Felipe Calderon has announced a $4.3 billion plan to improve the country's infrastructure, schools and housing stock.
Oct 14, 2008   BBC
This article from the <em>BBC</em> looks at the new face of bridge development and argues that crossing rivers is no longer the main reason they're built.
Aug 21, 2008   BBC