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President Obama signs executive order to end SEPTA transit strike, establishes emergency labor mediation board in response to Governor Corbett's request.
Jun 16, 2014   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Center City’s narrow streets and dense concentration contribute to an exciting and walkable urban center. Yet, the increase in visitors and residents has resulted in an increase in the number of vehicles and delivery trucks in search of parking.</p>
Jun 3, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Rail projects are favored over bus rapid transit projects when it comes to federal funding. But many say the bus systems are cheaper and more effective overall.</p>
May 15, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>While Philadelphia may be hosting this year's National Planning Conference, a recent forum demonstrated that the current candidates for Mayor lack any sort of vision for the city's development.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Nearly 80% of Pennsylvania's municipalities have populations less than 5,000. Recently released reports say it's time for the state to form regional coalitions that will help improve local economies and harbor regional planning.</p>
Apr 11, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Harris Steinberg, director of PennPraxis, outlines one important lesson from the Central Delaware Waterfront Planning Process, which his organization is charged with leading. He describes the importance of open space as a catalyst for development.</p>
Apr 10, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>County officials are trying to find philanthropists to help buy land rights to a historic Pennsylvania farm, one that could be offered up to builders if preservationists do not buy the land by August 2.</p>
Mar 11, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>A team of planners and architects working to revive the city's riverfront recommend mimicking Boston's infamous Big Dig project to tame the I-95 freeway's impact.</p>
Mar 6, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Communities in Pennsylvania and other stats are struggling to develop regulations in the face of a growing number of billboard applications.</p>
Feb 26, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>An affordable housing plan for New Jersey has been thrown out by an appeals court, arguing that the plan was based on flawed data and did not accurately predict the demand for housing. The plan has been called discriminatory by housing advocates.</p>
Jan 29, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Janice Woodcock, the executive director of the city Planning Commission, is charged with the task of updating the historic city's archaic zoning code.</p>
Jan 8, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer