The Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite an August repaving of 22nd street in the Fairmount neighborhood, lane markings have yet to appear due to City Council scuffles on whether or not the street will undergo a road diet and add an additional bike lane.
Sep 28, 2014   The Philadelphia Inquirer
The good news is that Center City's population has jumped. The bad news is that the increase is offset by a loss in office jobs.
Mar 24, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Environmental issues are uniting conservatives and liberals even while the nation becomes more polarized.
Mar 23, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
First Illinois, now New Jersey. Will privatizing toll roads become the next new trend?
Jan 26, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia Mayor Street's multimillion-dollar effort to reduce blight in city neighborhoods appears to be working.
Jan 3, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphians debate whether an imitation colonial-style building from the 1960s should be preserved for its historic significance.
Dec 14, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer
A critique of six civic buildings built since 2001 in Philadelphia.
Dec 7, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer
San Diego's Downtown Community Plan sets forth a vision for downtown's future growth and development as an intense yet livable place.
Nov 24, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Ground-level ozone, a common form of air pollution long linked to breathing problems, is being blamed for thousands of premature deaths each year in a new study of 95 urban areas.
Nov 18, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Pottstown's innovative approach to land use demonstrates the power of careful zoning.
Oct 19, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer
A North Philadelphia neighborhood includes technology as the foundation for an economic development plan.
Oct 12, 2004   The Philadelphia Inquirer