The Philadelphia Inquirer

President Obama signs executive order to end SEPTA transit strike, establishes emergency labor mediation board in response to Governor Corbett's request.
Jun 16, 2014   The Philadelphia Inquirer
In Philadelphia alone, $250 million in unpaid traffic tickets could be put to use; new collection techniques are now beginning in earnest.
Mar 9, 2006   The Philadelphia Inquirer
No, this was not the new state slogan selected after close to 12,000 votes among five finalists.
Jan 16, 2006   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Gov. Rendell, chair of the bi-state Delaware River Port Authority, has threatened a PATCO shutdown if the NJ delegation does not approve funds for dredging the Delaware's main shipping channel.
Jan 8, 2006   The Philadelphia Inquirer
A neighborhood association hires a design firm to suggest changes to a developer's plans for a condo tower on top of a parking garage.
Dec 9, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphis is attempting to reduce concentrations of poverty and increase property values through the development of suburban style homes. But is following this national trend right for the city of brotherly love and its most needy residents?
Dec 5, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
New Jersey's poorest city has been designated America's most dangerous for a second year in a row.
Nov 22, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia's Mayor proposes to include the director of the city's planning commission in his cabinent.
Nov 2, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia's Yorktown neighborhood, once an experiment in marketing to middle-class African Americans, continues to mean home to its residents as it nears the half-century mark.
Oct 21, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Edmund Bacon, Philadelphia's most influential planner, died on October 14th, leaving behind a legacy of public service.
Oct 18, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer
A City Councilman in Philadelphia proposes changes to the zoning code to protect the city's urban fabric in traditional rowhouse neighborhoods. Changes to requirements for provision of off-street parking are intended to encourage development.
Sep 23, 2005   The Philadelphia Inquirer