Norman Weinstein reviews Alexandra Lange's new book on "Writing About Architecture", and finds a miraculous achievement.
Feb 5, 2012   ArchNewsNow
Norman Weinstein reviews Sorkin's new book <em>All Over the Map</em>. Sorkin, he says, is at his best when exposing the injustices of architecture.
Nov 11, 2011   ArchNewsNow
Norman Weinstein of The Architectural Record selects his favorite architecture books of the year, which range from a coming-of-age memoir to a treatise on Turkish art and architecture.
Dec 4, 2010   ArchNewsNow
A new book looks at the trend in architecture away from clean surfaces and into formal, repeating patterns.
Oct 22, 2010   ArchNewsNow
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has seen some dramatic decline over the past half century. Michael A. Stern, ASLA, LEED AP takes a look at the last 20 years of the city as it begins to rebound.
Jan 22, 2010   ArchNewsNow
Achieving sustainability can take one of two paths, according to Richard Carson: centralized or decentralized policy. Choosing one will be crucial.
Sep 16, 2009   ArchNewsNow
Two vacant lots in downtown St. Louis have been revived as an urban art park, featuring works by world-renowned artists.
Jul 3, 2009   ArchNewsNow
America's infrastructure is in trouble, and according to author Barry B. LePatner, the flawed systems meant to alleviate these problems should take most of the blame. He offers some possible solutions.
Sep 2, 2008   ArchNewsNow
<p>This commentary from <em>ArchNewsNow</em> wonders whether urbanism is really the cause of social alienation, not the cure.</p>
Jun 30, 2008   ArchNewsNow
<p>As transit oriented development gains ground in cities across the country, it is increasingly seen as the model for the future of multi-family housing.</p>
Feb 13, 2008   ArchNewsNow
As one of the few remaining public spaces in cities, libraries are a popular means for the architect and urban designer to contribute positively to their communities. ArchNewsNow talks to two architects about the latest trends in library design.
Jul 3, 2006   ArchNewsNow