Reason Magazine

Nearly everyone agrees that government needs to regulate. How much to regulate is the question. Reason Magazine looks at several current regulatory issues concludes that the regulatory pendulum "has swung too far."
Jan 4, 2012   Reason Magazine
In Reason magazine's Joel Miller examines the ways the government causes increases in the price of owning a home. He finds that permit delays "of six months can add nearly $7 per square foot to the price of a house.
Jul 10, 2006   Reason Magazine
Cities can't be trusted with sweeping eminent domain powers, writes Reason columnist Jacob Sullum.
Feb 20, 2006   Reason Magazine
The most striking fact of the New Orleans catastrophe has received less notice than it deserves: The plan for New Orleans in case of a hit from a very powerful hurricane was to lose the city.
Sep 21, 2005   Reason Magazine