The Idaho Statesman

Boise, Idaho attempts to find common ground between its vision for the future and the need for economic development.
Oct 13, 2010   The Idaho Statesman
<p>As Boise looks to a future of growth and expansion, it is hoping to acquire nearly 2,000 acres of unused federal land from the Bureau of Land Management. But a neighboring suburb also wants to claim the land.</p>
Sep 22, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>In downtown Boise, recently announced plans to construct a homeless shelter have many local business owners upset and making arrangements to move out of the area. The city, however, is defending its decision to approve the shelter.</p>
Sep 12, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>As roads become more congested, one congestion mitigation proposal would encourage state workers to telecommute.</p>
Aug 3, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>With gradual growth in the amount of plans for energy efficient buildings and a rise in applications for LEED certification, Idaho is joining with many other states in a push to build more environmentally-friendly homes and buildings.</p>
Jul 19, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>A proposal for a water pipeline to bring water to distant developments in Idaho highlights the history of water being diverted farther and farther from its source to feed growth.</p>
Jul 17, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>With a number of large-scale condo and apartment developments planned for downtown Boise, seven developers are transforming the formerly vacant downtown into a vibrant neighborhood.</p>
Jun 13, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>In an effort to bring a renaissance to its downtown, a city in Idaho has approved creation of a live-work district which encourages development of properties where people can both live and work. City officials are hoping to attract local business.</p>
Mar 28, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>Funds have been approved to identify site selection for a multi-modal transit center in downtown Boise. The city is also pushing its public transit system to create fixed bus stops so that riders won't have to flag down buses to get a ride.</p>
Jan 30, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>A Boise historian promotes walking as a way to get in touch with the city's history, and officials are hoping a walking education will help residents understand why planning is essential to managing the city's huge population growth.</p>
Jan 28, 2007   The Idaho Statesman
<p>Commissioners in Ada County, Idaho declare planner's private contract with adjacent county violated county ethics statute.</p>
Jan 24, 2007   The Idaho Statesman