Hawaii Reporter

Honolulu, HI is an island paradise, but it also has big city traffic problems. Sam Staley of the Reason Foundation says relief could come in the form of privately-funded HOT lanes.
Jun 6, 2010   Hawaii Reporter
<p>This editorial from the <em>Hawaii Reporter</em> argues that plans for transit oriented development are "based in communist and fascist thinking" and that building rail and TOD will be bad for Hawaii's families.</p>
Feb 24, 2008   Hawaii Reporter
<p>The American Institute of Architects has come out against plans to include elevated tracks as part of the layout of Honolulu's proposed light rail system.</p>
Jan 2, 2008   Hawaii Reporter
<p>An amendment to make Honolulu a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city is threatened because of a proposed decrease in on-street parking spaces.</p>
Nov 7, 2006   Hawaii Reporter
'Shadow Cities,' a book by Robert Neuwirth. explores the world of illegal urban squatters in some of the world's largest megacities.
Sep 19, 2005   Hawaii Reporter