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The Baltimore Sun

The city of Baltimore is taking a new approach to an old idea: that schools should be the center of neighborhoods.
Aug 19, 2015   The Baltimore Sun
The internet giants have begun offering a range of listing services that could endanger realtor's domination of the market.
Apr 14, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Cities call annexation an effective tool for managing growth at the local level. Counties disagree. Who's really in control?
Apr 9, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
After election, Governor Ehrlich identified several "Priority Places" throughout the state, sites supposed to receive full support for smart growth efforts. Yet funding has yet to come through as expected.
Apr 3, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Condo development in the city has swelled, following a mid-90s swoon; now the city's new tallest building could be a skyscraper built for condos.
Apr 3, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
In Baltimore, developers plan to add on to The Rotunda, a historic building that already experienced an innovative reuse in the 1970s.
Mar 30, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
A lawyer from the landmark 1966 public housing desegregation case has written a book that helps inform a similar case in present-day Baltimore.
Mar 24, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
According to recent studies, homeownership is out of the question for many Marylanders; the Governor's Task Force on Workforce Housing looks for solutions.
Mar 20, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
A Baltimore Sun study finds that a first-time home buyer would have to spend 71 percent of his or her income toward monthly mortgage payments.
Mar 19, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
From East St. Louis to Louisville, Kentucky, cities are beginning to realize visions of riverfront glory.
Mar 11, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
A law intended to clarify non-discriminatory requirements for lenders -- and upping violation fines dramatically -- could actually scare banks away from doing any business in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Mar 1, 2006   The Baltimore Sun