The Baltimore Sun

As portions of the nation's pioneering waterfront redevelopment and "festival marketplace" turn 40, Baltimore's Inner Harbor is showing its age. A new master plan for the state's premier attraction focuses on improving its public spaces.
Nov 18, 2013   The Baltimore Sun
<p>This opinion piece from the <em>Baltimore Sun</em> calls on the province to shift its planning priorities to include all of its residents, not just the humans.</p>
Oct 30, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The Baltimore City Council is pushing forward on a comprehensive plan for the city to create more affordable housing.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
The results of a recent statewide growth visioning exercise show a continuing desire to reign in sprawl by focusing development in urban areas along transit lines.
Sep 29, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Revision to a Maryland state homebuying assistance program is catching some resistance from smart growth advocates as changed language seems to go against the original anti-sprawl intent.
Sep 20, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
A Maryland statewide tax that provides communities with funding to improve sewage treatment facilities has been used as an excuse to increase sprawling development.
Sep 12, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
The town of Columbia, Maryland, is on the verge of transforming into a full-blown city. Pushing a broad redevelopment plan, officials are trying to ease the transition while some residents resist.
Aug 30, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Some of the recent incentives to woo homebuyers in a slowing housing market sound more like automobile ads.
Aug 27, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
A two and a half year low in sales of existing homes and buyers' holding out for better deals are just a few signs of the accelerating tumble in housing markets.
Aug 25, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
50 acres of woodland are up for sale in Maryland, and while a developer has scoped the land as a good site for 25 homes, local residents are pressuring local and state officials to employ a little-used open space funding program to buy up the land.
Aug 12, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Following closely behind Northern Virginia and Washington DC, condo conversions in Baltimore are now halted.
Aug 3, 2006   The Baltimore Sun