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A bank controlled by the government of Japan has promised $5 billion in financing for a proposal that would connect Washington D.C. and Baltimore via maglev, high-speed rail.
Sep 5, 2014   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The Baltimore City Council has approved an inclusionary housing bill requiring developers to designate a certain portion of new developments as affordable. Proponents say the measure is flawed, but a good first step.</p>
Jun 15, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>With relatively affordable housing stock and an increasingly desirable urban environment, Baltimore has attracted single female homebuyers at twice the national average.</p>
May 30, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>A controversial inclusionary housing bill is up for approval in Baltimore, Maryland, that would eventually require all new residential projects with 30 or more units to have a certain percentage of affordable housing.</p>
Apr 21, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Experiencing a rebound of smart growth and urban development, Jersey City, New Jersey, is becoming an example for other growing cities.</p>
Apr 18, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Plans to build affordable housing in Baltimore have incited local residents to collect hundreds of signatures in opposition to what they fear will destroy their neighborhood.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Immensely divergent interests collide as Howard County struggles with the thorny question of development.</p>
Apr 2, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>One in four new schools approved for state funding in the past four years is being built beyond designated growth boundaries.</p>
Mar 30, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Amid a new regulation that limits development based on the amount of water municipalities can provide, a city in northern Maryland will receive additional allocations of water to allow new development, ending a 6-month building moratorium.</p>
Mar 28, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The mayor of Annapolis, Maryland, wants to overrule a bill that delays all building until adequate infrastructure is in place. Lifting the ban, she says, would streamline planning in the city, but many worry that it would allow too much development.</p>
Mar 22, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>A proposed mixed use development on one of the city's last open spaces in a sea of housing and retail has Annapolis, Maryland, locals up in arms about the possible negative impacts of the development.</p>
Mar 7, 2007   The Baltimore Sun