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A bank controlled by the government of Japan has promised $5 billion in financing for a proposal that would connect Washington D.C. and Baltimore via maglev, high-speed rail.
Sep 5, 2014   The Baltimore Sun
<p>For the third time, the city of Baltimore is considering a zone change that would allow live-in drug centers to be located in residential areas. Residents are opposed, but the Department of Justice has threatened to sue unless changes are made.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The state has launched a revamped home buyer assistance program that provide grants to employees who buy a home within 10 miles from their work.</p>
Nov 28, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>In 2008, Maryland voters will consider a plan to allow slot gambling machines in the state. But local zoning regulations could trump the state law, giving communities control over whether the machines are allowed or not.</p>
Nov 22, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>An enormous Iraqi dam that was "fundamentally flawed" when constructed is on the verge of failure, according to a recently released audit.</p>
Nov 1, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Residents say the state's smart growth policies have done little to reign in sprawl, though questions remain about what action to take.</p>
Oct 19, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Though former governor Parris Glendening is often seen as the father of smart growth, studies indicate that even with the state's efforts, little progress has been towards reigning in sprawl.</p>
Oct 8, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Two buildings in Baltimore were recently approved by the city's historic preservation commission as being worthy of historic designation. The only problem is that the owners don't want it.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Transit advocates in Baltimore are calling on regional officials to throw out an $8.7 billion traffic congestion plan because it relies too heavily on highway projects and not enough on transit options.</p>
Sep 3, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The real estate market is reportedly down in many major metropolitan areas, but within them pockets of high-value properties are flourishing.</p>
Aug 13, 2007   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Planners and officials in Baltimore are looking to recreate one of the city's major streets as a vibrant tourist and retail area. But opinions differ on how to do it and where to look for examples.</p>
Jun 29, 2007   The Baltimore Sun