The Baltimore Sun

A bank controlled by the government of Japan has promised $5 billion in financing for a proposal that would connect Washington D.C. and Baltimore via maglev, high-speed rail.
Sep 5, 2014   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Maryland's transit parking lots are overflowing into nearby neighborhoods, as buses, park-and-rides, and even their long-derided light rail, fill up.</p>
Jun 26, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Baltimore considers following in the footsteps of Paris, San Francisco and Copenhagen by opening a "design center", a place for people to gather and debate the design of their city.</p>
Jun 17, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>'The process is a runaway train,' says a city councilor, as plans move forward to build two residential towers on Baltimore's vanishing waterfront.</p>
Jun 4, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>A committee in Baltimore charged with the task of encouraging more public involvement in land use decisions is learning how difficult that can be as it faces criticism that its own meetings didn't get enough participation from residents.</p>
May 21, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Architects in Baltimore are arguing that the city should build its new arena near its other sports facilities, freeing up the old location for redevelopment that can help revitalize its downtown.</p>
May 14, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>With HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson's departure, it's time to begin reinvesting in the nation's public housing stock.</p>
Apr 9, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>A public art exhibit in a Baltimore park has elicited complaints and compliments from various voices in the city. But like it or not, the art is good for the city's consideration of and connection to its public spaces, according to this editorial.</p>
Mar 25, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Plans to create an urban renewal district in South Baltimore have been denied by the city's Planning Commission, arguing that forcibly removing residents and businesses is not a reasonable method for saving the neigborhood.</p>
Feb 25, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Cities across the country scramble to deal with abandoned properties as they drive down local economies.</p>
Feb 14, 2008   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Construction of a new university bookstore in downtown Baltimore is seen as a critical piece of the downtown's rebirth. City officials are looking at offering tax incentives to ensure the bookstore deals comes through.</p>
Jan 25, 2008   The Baltimore Sun